20+ years association with the Ecological Restoration Industry

15 years onground Field Practitioner experience

10+ years Project Management experience

Member AABR (Australian Association of Bush Regenerators)
 Bachelor Applied Science (Protected Area Management)
Certificate IV (Conservation and Land Management)

Senior First Aid - White Card - ACDC - Chainsaw I & II -
Venomous Snakes/Wildlife Handling

 Public Liability Insurance

Minimal herbicide usage - Guaranteed Results - Longterm Success

I started working in the Ecological Restoration industry in 1994, working with the Ipswich City Council restoring Dry Scrub remnants through a Landcare & Environmental Action Program (L.E.A.P.).

After doing volunteer work with Queensland National Parks & Wildlife Service and local community groups in between casual landscaping work, I decided to undertake undergraduate studies at the University of Queensland in 1998.  After graduating in 2002 with an Bachelor of Applied Science (Protected Area Management) and gaining further experience through volunteer work I secured a position with the Contracting Services at Barung Landcare in 2004, working on subtropical rainforest remnants across the Blackall Range.  At this time I also started working with Brush Turkey Enterprises in Maleny.

In 2006 I had an opportunity to work with Greening Australia, gaining new skills in Human Resource Management and higher project work. In 2007 I was successfully assessed under the AABR program. I decided to return to Barung Landcare as the Contracting Coordinator.  In 2008 I left Barung and commenced work as Project Manager for Brush Turkey Contracting, also furthering my studies starting a Masters of Environmental Management (Conservation Biology).

In 2009 I ventured down to the Gold Coast to work as Project Coordinator at Bushcare Services.  I returned to the Sunshine Coast later that year and continued working as Project Manager at Brush Turkey Contracting until 2015.

2015 is a year of opportunity and I have decided to focus on bringing my own special skill set of ecological understanding directly to landholders & clients in a framework that limits herbicide application, guarantees high-value ecological results and ensures that every project is successful in the longterm.

Niche-Based Approach to Assisted Regeneration
I can guarantee the delivery of high-value services through a Bush Regeneration framework called a 'Niche-Based Approach to Assisted Regeneration'.  This is a system developed over 20years through observation and experience in working to restore native bushland communities. 

It involves skillful Bush Regen works that focus on the control of Target Species in a way that mimics natural disturbance cycles and creates a Regeneration Niche for the recruitment of native species.  This recruitment is protected over time and the structural complexities of the site develop until all Fundamental  Niches  across the site are occupied by native species.  

Through this very simple process I can guarantee the longterm success of any project.  With a thorough understanding of a site's ecology, resilience & history and the application of a 'Niche-Based Approach to Assisted Regeneration, overall costs can be kept to a minimum, budget expenditure is accountable and project outcomes can be very clearly defined and assessed.

Minimal herbicide usage - Guaranteed Results - Longterm Success